Company Description/Contact Info

BLUE DRAGON GEOSCIENCE, LLC                                     740-331-2282

43249 Cherry Ridge Road, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
Kent C. Stewart – Geologist- owner (member AAPG)
Ryan Roda – Geologist

Blue Dragon Geoscience, LLC is a small geological consulting company offering quality geological evaluation, operations geology, geosteering, and well-site geology services. Together we have geosteered and analyzed over 250 horizontal wells successfully. We are experienced with fully running geosteering and bit placement or sharing responsibilities with drilling and engineering personnel. We have successfully steered long laterals in challenging geological environments.  Our experience with structural interpretation, gamma correlation, and coordinating with seismic interpretation, can be keys to accurate target positioning of your wells. We know and understand directional drilling, mapping, mud-logging, structural styles, and MWD. We like to work directly with the drillers. We also understand and follow decision structures and endeavor to stay within pre-determined tolerances. We utilize our own licensed SES geosteering software which is fast becoming industry standard.


* On-site geosteering and well-site geology
* Remote off-site geosteering
* one-person or two-person geosteering
* on-going consulting operations geology
* database development
* acreage evaluation and prospecting

Day Rates ,Per Well, or Footage Rates

* Competitive rates flexible to suit your project requirements

We carry general liability and can carry personal auto insurance compatible with oilfield requirements for well-site work. We offer a full range of geological consulting services.


EOG Resources – exclusive well-site geology and geosteering company for EOG-Pittsburgh Division since 2007

PennEnergy Resources - consulting operations geology

Please call or email to discuss your needs.


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